Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spring 2012 Trend: Lace

For Spring 2012, lace is popping up everywhere. Kate Middleton looked lovely on her birthday in a long black lace v-neck and Selena Gomez rocked a lace mini at the MTV EMA's recently. Lace isn't only for evening though. Add a hint of lace to your daytime wardrobe with an understated blouse, or with a pop on booties. Love these looks from Oscar de la Renta's spring 2012 line, as well as other looks from Jason Wu, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Glamour's 40 Little Makeovers & Fakeovers

In this month's Glamour magazine, we found a great article on 40 little tips and tricks for a quick and fun makeover. So easy, and you probably already have most of the supplies at home to try them!

Glamour's 40 Little Makeovers & Fakeovers
1. Brush gold shadow across lids; eyes will twinkle.
2. Two words: high pony.
3. Dab lip stain on cheeks.
4. Dust blush on eyelids.
5. Wear your glasses.
6. Wake up wimpy roots by lifting and blowdrying.
7. Go for darker brows.
8. Quickie chic: Do a super-deep side part.
9. Contour cheekbones with some bronzer.
10. Lazy-girl smoky eyes: metallic gray shadow, two coats of black mascara.
11. Mist shine spray on your hair's dry ends.
12. Run a hair-dryer over your lash curler before crimping (set it on low).
13. Switch up your scent.
14. Trace your Cupid's bow for shapelier lips.
15. Add a jeweled barrette.
16. Line eyes. Smear. Go.
17. Two-trick ponytail: Smooth locks on top; tease ends for texture.
18. Line the inner rim of each eye with a white pencil.
19. Swipe two coats of bronzer in your cleavage.
20. Try a blue-based red lipstick for insta-white teeth!
21. Rub body oil down the front of your legs. Look slimmer, fast!
22. When in doubt: topknot.
23. Stack fake lashes above each iris for doll-like eyes...
24. ...or falsies on the outer corners for sexy cat eyes.
25. Tease that crown.
26. Highlight the inner corners to wake up your eyes.
27. Fake a longer-lasting mani: Just polish the tips.
28. Dab clear gloss on the center of each lip for a lusher pout.
29. Pin bangs to the side.
30. Dot luminizing liquid on cheekbones. Blend it in. Glow.
31. Run a dryer sheet across your hair to beat static.
32. Do a bright winged eye.
33. Use a glaze to brighten colored (or not) hair.
34. Get fuller-looking brows: Fill them in with a shimmery pencil.
35. For the illusion of longer nails, file them into an oval shape.
36. Rub rosy cream blush onto the apples of cheeks.
37. Dab pomade onto small sections of dried hair; twist.
38. Run a clear gloss over your brow bone.
39. Bleach-free highlights: Place clip-on hair extensions (in a slightly lighter color) around the crown.
40. Bad hair day, great hat.

and one of our own...

41. Wear heels. It'll make you stand up straighter, feel taller and maybe make you feel more confident!