Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Win Our Hearts" Pinterest Contest

1) Sign into your Pinterest account and follow @ShibyJourneys ( If you do not have a Pinterest account, you may sign up here:

2) Find the board titled “SHI Valentines Day” and “like” your favorite product(s). You must ALSO comment on that image(s) and tell us why you love that specific product(s).

3) You may “like” AND “comment” on as many images as you would like. The more images you comment on, the more times your name is entered into the drawing.

4) At the end of the contest period, Shi by Journeys will randomly select a winner.

Happy Pinning!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Oldies, but Goodies!

We love it when old styles come back into our lives! At some point in the last two decades, each of these shoes have been the "it" fashion item to have in your closet. Now each of these favorites are making a fierce comeback!
If you were a tween in the mid-to-late 90's, you may remember this "Spice Girl" shoe. The platform sneaker was a must have, thanks to our favorite pop sensation of the nineties. This style is sweeping our nation once again, with a little more style and sophistication, and we're loving it.

The wedge sneaker has obviously made a strong comeback (let's be honest, it's everywhere). We've seen updated versions of this fun trend, but this exact Volatile sneaker wedge was such a statement in the late nineties-early 2000's. We're sure those of you who wore them remember pairing these shoes with a valor jumpsuit (so J-LO)!

Is grunge a thing of the past or are fashionistas like Jessica Alba, Miley Cyrus, Rumor Willis just living in the past? Yea, we think not! It's true, this trend of the 90's is back. Once made popular by Nirvana, Courtney Love and Pearl Jam, we hope this trend doesn't go anywhere too soon!

Shop these styles:
Converse platform
Volatile sneaker
Dr. Martens


Friday, January 11, 2013

Blast from the Past!

What were you wearing ten years ago? What were you listening to on the radio? What were you watching in theaters? What was HOT in 2003?

The funny thing is, some of our favorite trends from ten years ago are now back in style! We put together a "What Was Hot 10 Years Ago" collage for you to see what "embarrassing" trends we (you) followed and what has come back to haunt us- in a great way of course!

1. Boho-Chic
2. Platform sandals and boots
3. Extremely low-cut jeans
4. Wide bell-bottomed pants
5. Chandelier Earrings
6. Baseball caps

1. OutKast- Hey Ya!
2. Black Eyes Peas- Where is the Love
3. Beyonce ft. Jay-Z- Crazy in Love
4. Coldplay- Clocks
5. Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River

1. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
2. Love Actually
3. Finding Nemo
4. Peter Pan
5. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

1. Designer Water (flavored, skinny, etc.)
2. Terry Cloth outfits
3. Cell phone ring-tones
4. Personalization/initialing items

Hope you enjoyed the blast from the past!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Contouring Makeup Tutorial

Do you ever wonder how one day a celebrity can look like they've had a nose job or lost a lot of weight in their face, and the next day they don't? Well, the answer to that mystery is called "contouring." Contouring is a makeup technique used to bring out facial features and the shape of your face using different shapes and colors of makeup. This technique has become especially popular due to the beautiful face and makeup artist of Kim Kardashian.

Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have a makeup artist on hand every morning, so we wanted to simplify the contouring process by teaching you a simple way to contour your own features. We visited Sephora and spoke with a make-up artist to get the low-down.

-Highlighter one shade lighter than your skin tone with a little shimmer (use a light eye shadow with a subtle shimmer if you have one).
-Bronzer one shade darker than your skin tone.
-Foundation the natural tone of your skin (optional).
-Makeup brushes
*You can use liquid or powder. If you have more creases in your skin, it's best to use a powder.

1. Start by applying the foundation evenly on your face and neck. 
2. Use your bronzer (contour shade) anywhere on your face that is hidden by a shadow (see image below).
3. Use the highlighter in the middle of your face (your t-zone), down the bridge of your nose and on the very top, outer portions of your cheeks. Basically, anywhere light would hit.
4. BLEND!!

Hope this tutorial helps!