Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello From...CoolSprings Galleria Shi Store!

I took a trip today to the CoolSprings Galleria Shi by Journeys store to find out from the staff what their favorite styles are in stores right now. Let me just say, it was a hard decision, but they finally narrowed it down after much thought.

Matt chose the Camryn by Vans (he suggests pairing them with a floral dress). Lisa & Krystal both went with the Frye boots (which by the way, I have on my wish list right now. I think I'm going to splurge and get them this Fall. I've held out long enough...) Krystal couldn't decide on just one so I said OK to two-so, besides the Frye boots, she picked the Puma Imani Mesh in green (also in navy, and also on my wish list). Megan opted for the über-comfy, embroidered Raja flats by Not Rated.

Thanks to the staff for sharing their favs!

Shop Matt's Favorite
Shop Lisa & Krystal's Favorite Frye Boots
(stay tuned for new styles coming soon!)
Shop Megan's Favorite


  1. <3! You guys have great style and great suggestions always.

  2. Krystal weren't ableDiablo III Gold to select just one single therefore i mentioned Okay to be able to two-so, aside from the Frye boot styles, the lady decided on the The puma corporation Imani To be able to with natural (likewise inside navy, as well as my would like record). Megan opted for your über-comfy, padded Billig Diablo 3 Gold Raja inshore by simply Not Graded.