Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(Faux) Fur Fever

I was a little on the fence this year about this comeback of fur vests (faux, of course!) but when I saw this one, I changed my mind. A little oversized, the Jack B.B. Dakota Janika vest is super soft and looks great w/ our black cord jeggings and some slouch boots (the cord jeggings are great, by the way. Trust me, I have them on right now and I l-o-v-e them). Add a splash of color with a scarf doubled as a belt. Perfect winter snow bunny look!

Shï by Journeys

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  1. Just a little oversized, the Connector B.B. Dakota JanikaCheap GW2 Gold
    jacket is definitely extremely gentle and looks good w/ the black wire jeggings and many slump over shoes or boots (the actual power cord jeggings are great, furthermore. Believe me, I've these upon right now and i also l-o-v-e these people). Convey a splash of coloring which hasGuild Wars 2 Gems a headscarf bending being a harness. Perfect winter months compacted snow rabbit seem!