Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TOMS at Our 2011 Sales Meeting

Big thanks to TOMS footwear for coming out to our 2011 Sales Meeting! This year marks the 25th anniversary of Journeys. Through the years, Journeys has opened over 1,000 stores (52 of which are Shi by Journeys), launched successful catalogs and websites, branched out into social media, hired some GREAT people and...well, the list goes on!

District managers, store managers and office staff in attendance were given their very own TOMS and let loose to decorate them with stamps, pens + sharpies. A group (by random drawing) got the opportunity to have custom designs by a group of local Tennessee artists. Check out photos from the event below!

Style Your Sole Event w/ TOMS

A few of the killer designs!

Seth, Jill, Garett + Heather from TOMS. Thanks for a great event guys!

Artists, TOMS guys + office staff. Huge group of people to thank for all the hard work. Can't even begin to thank the entire crew who made this event unforgettable.

Amy, Matt + Heather-holding it down for Shi!

Custom stamp table

Left: a few options to pick from for custom TOMS designs

Right: some of our lovely staff decorating their own TOMS

{Visit the TOMS shoes website to learn more about their movement and for details on how you can get involved. You can even host your very own Style Your Sole event!}


  1. We had a GREAT time, thank you so much for everything you do Toms!! <3 Amy from Shi in Columbus OH

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