Monday, April 8, 2013

Rebecca from Lake Grove L.I., NY–New Social Media Ambassador!

Rebecca is one of our new Shi by Journeys Social Media Ambassadors and is a Store Manager in Lake Grove L.I., NY. She has worked for Shi by Journeys for over four years–but don't be fooled, she isn't your average girly-girl. 

Rebecca loves to make her customers feel empowered. She truly believes that hard work pays off and that everyone deserves to treat themselves once in awhile. Her favorite thing to tell customers is "you owe it to yourself to splurge on YOU!" Rebecca has a very kind heart and loves shoe companies such as TOMS that work for a cause. 

With OVER 200 pairs of shoes and handbags to match, Rebecca doesn't have a favorite brand. While on the job, she likes to switch shoes up to 3 times a day to show her customers she truly knows her product (ah-mazing)! Her favorite spring trends for 2013 include high-low dresses and skirts she can rock with her crochet shoes. She's also loving the pastel colors that are hot right now. She can't decide which she likes more, mint or melon (let's be honest, no one can).

In her free time Rebecca likes working out, going to the harbors of the island and going to sporting events. It is truly such an honor to have Rebecca a part of this program and we can't wait to see what she and NEW YORK have to bring to the table for our social sites.

Shop Rebecca's favorites:
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  1. My favorite is still the third set of skills. Based on this month's crazy to buy wow gold.