Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Must Haves

This weekend I did the much dreaded (and also very necessary) chore of cleaning out my closet. Do I really need that white tank that I have 5 more of, that may or may not have a fixable snag in it? I've had it for 100 years and it's way past it's prime, but still...I may need it one day. Needless to say, Goodwill got a hefty donation. If you're like me and have a hard time getting past those hard-to-give-up items, read this article. It's on de-cluttering your house (applies to closets too). If I denied that I answered yes to any (all) of these questions, it would be a lie. Read The Top 6 Excuses for Clutter

Fortunately, it cleared the way for some new fall pieces to work their way home with me from my shopping trip...ok trips. It was Tax-Free weekend here after all. I stocked up on pencil skirts, cardigans & blazers. Here are some of my favorite Shi pieces I can't wait to get. Some aren't coming in until September though...I suppose I can make it.

Must Have #1: A Belted Jacket. Romaine Belted Jacket | $65 | Available September 2010

Must Have #2: Embellished Clogs. Icora Maple Clog (also in Black) | $44.99 | Available September 2010

Must Have #3: Rugged Boots (w/ a pretty dress). True Religion Georgia Boot | $169.99 | Available Now

Must Have #1: A Great Slouch Bag. Two Handle Slouch Satchel | $40 | Available Now

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