Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Friday at The Office

One of the things I love about working for a shoe company (aside from it feeding my unhealthy shoe obsession) is seeing all the fabulous outfits the girls around the office have put together. We have a pretty fashionable group of people around here (guys too!) and it's great for inspiration. There is such a wide variety of styles that you're never running out of ideas. For today, I was able to round up 4 super stylish ladies to have their photos taken for the blog-trust me it was difficult. NO ONE wants their picture taken! Thankfully, Emily, Dannie, Lauren and Michelle were kind enough to pose for the camera. After lighting adjustments, lip gloss applications, complaints and more, here are 4 of our office's loveliest!

Emily is our resident vintage girl. She loves pairing dresses with unique accessories and pops of color. Dannie is the newest addition to our team and I always catch her in these lovely, layered ensembles. Style shouldn't have to be hard and Lauren proves it in her easy, floral maxi dress topped off with a cardi and great accessories. Michelle is rocking a pair of skinny jeans and our exclusive Jeset wedges (love her glasses & super chic side ponytail! Makes me miss my long hair!).

So, now that you've seen some of our style, we want to see yours! Send photos of your style to and you may be featured on the blog! Oh, and thanks to Emily, Dannie, Lauren & Michelle. To all the girls who denied me taking their out! You'll be on here eventually!

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